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"You can be Free. Transform EVERYTHING with momentum, clarity and structure." - Bryce Prescott


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The Science of Getting Rich with Expanded Commentary

The Science of Getting Rich is one of the most influential self-development books ever written. Bryce Prescott added expanded commentary to this self-development staple, providing further insight and context to the book; modernizing it for our day.

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The Starting Line: Your Personal Transformation Guide

It’s impossible to reach your goals without first knowing where you are. This resource provides you with the tools necessary to account for your current results while effectively mapping out your best future. The Starting Line is the perfect place to start to transform your life.

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7-Day Journal Template

If you’re not writing your own story, who is? A successful life requires that we record our daily expereinces, thoughts and goals. But don’t have any idea where to start. This resource gives you a template for ideas and structure to create your new journal habit. 


Are you ready to overcome your stress-filled, out of balance life so that you can have great relationships, be fit, and live a life you love; doing what you want?


The challenges that exist when we desire our best life is that we have this AMBITION but most are ill-equipped to know HOW TO DO IT..

Frankly, it’s the mechanics that are missing.

What happens is we have that moment where the pain is staying the same is GREATER than the pain of changing.

So, we vow to do the work. We know this time is the time we stick to it..

And then? We simply…



So, the FIRE of our AMBITION and hope for a something better gets burned up and then we start to judge ourselves for failing.

This leads to frustration, resentment and further bouts of self loathing.

Which leads to self-descrutive behavior.

Booze. Food. Drugs. Sex.

You know, the stuff that catches up with you. 

The gap further widens to the point where you don’t even know what you wanted to change in the first place and you wonder if you could ever change.

That’s a scary place; when you’ve lost the hope for hope.

In some cases this spiral can be so destructive that some end it all.

Punching the clock on your life is not required. You’re worth more than that.


Does this sound familiar? Then consider this..


Here’s the hard facts:

Your self-judgment is pointed at the wrong area!

When you don’t have the right plan and support, the best intentions DIE.

When your best intentions die, so does your FAITH.

And it doesn’t have to.

I have said this many times, MOST TIMES failure is a result of not having the right steps, NOT the right desire.

Which means that the changes you want aren’t as far off as you may think.

Matter of fact, THEY’RE CLOSE!!


I am ready to show you the difference. I can give you everything you need to use that AMBITION and turn it into a GREAT LIFE!

Here’s the thing, in a world where mindset is touted as the “first thing to change if you want your best life” (and it still is) MANY forget that the “HOW” is just as important.

Read the following list of results. How do they sound?

1. You have more time. 
2. You have more money. 
3. You have massive momentum.
4. You have clarity and purpose.
5. You are autonomous in your business. 
6. You have structure to know HOW to achieve what you desire.
7. You have support to keep you on track and accountable. 

Re-read that list. 

If those results are something you’re looking to achieve AND you’re willing to trust the process, WE NEED TO TALK. 

Ask yourself. “If I had all those things would I be missing ANYTHING when I look at my life?”

The answer is NO!

So let’s get to it!

In the end, MONEY is the most visible goal.

And by doing things in the right way you can get MONEY AND…





It’s all waiting for you. 

Frankly, if you’ve ever wanted to work together with me in a coaching capacity; now is the time. 

CLICK THE “SCHEDULE A CALL” Button and let’s connect.

If you reach out to me directly, the worst case scenario is you get some tools to make your life better.

The best case is that you get ALL the results listed above.

Think about that. Re-read that list again. Is that what you want?

This offer is different than any other you’ve had this season. You deserve your best life, and so let’s get you there.

If you’ve been inspired as you’ve read this, click “Schedule a Call” and set up a call. It’s easy. I am looking forward to connecting soon!

-Bryce Prescott


Consider What My Clients Have Said…

“Know where you want to go, but not sure how to get there? Maybe you’re not even aware of the possibilities that exist, but you know there is something more for you? Bryce Prescott has the map. While I have been working with him there have been major, positive shifts in some of my personal relationships. I’m more in tune with myself…I feel better, I look better, and somehow (I haven’t quite figured this out yet) I DO have more time! And really, he’s just enjoyable to talk to. I look forward to our meetings, knowing that I will gain some clarity or insight each time, and I always come away feeling calm and motivated.”

Jenn Baker

Digital Marketer

“This past year was phenomenal! My growth mentally was sky high, and the only way is up from here on. To be honest I couldn’t do it alone. From the times of self sabotage, to recognizing the nonsense I didn’t need in my life. I just needed another set of eyes to give me a birds eye view. That’s why I choose to invest in myself and get a coach and mentor. Yeah, you might be thinking, “why do I need a coach?” Well, do you feel stuck? Do you feel like your New Year’s goals are just to big to handle? WELL…Bryce Prescott taught me how to defeat that inner villain and gave me the clarity I needed to be the best I can every single day. Now I can go out and achieve my goals, Bryce is not only there to give you the keys but give you back the freedom to go on and achieve your goals.”

Damian Villalobos


“I think there are many reasons to hire a coach, but for me, the main reasons are accountability and having someone with an outside view who can see things from a different perspective. If you want a coach who walks their talk; Bryce is definitely the guy for you. He starts with a very simple, and yet crucial foundation – one that is so “simple” that it seems too easy. And yet, over the last several weeks of following his advice, I have experienced so much more peace and control over my days. I definitely have experienced resistance to the structure and schedule (I’m a business owner, I make up my own rules and schedule!) which is why it’s so crucial to have the accountability coaching provides. Otherwise, I would likely stay stuck in the rut I’ve been in for the past several years. If you know you’re ready for a change, and you can feel it in your bones that it’s time… I would definitely consider Bryce as a coach for you. I honestly know several amazing coaches, and it was really hard for me to decide who to work with. But ultimately, I chose to work with Bryce because I resonated with not only what he teaches, but how he shows up in his life. Balance and abundance in all areas is what I’m seeking, and I truly feel like he is helping me get there. Not only have I noticed a difference for myself, my daughter is noticing and occasionally taking part in my new habits, and I know this will help me be the best version of myself and example I can be for her.”

Crystal Chadwick

President, Facelift Renovations

“So blessed to call Bryce Prescott my mentor and transformation coach. Since starting my coaching with him I have seen abundance flow in all areas of my life; from relationships, spiritual abundance and personal finances. The list is endless. Anyone who is looking to take their lives to the next level should really invest into Bryce as their mentor. It would be the wisest investment one could make. I am really happy to have been able to do all that I have by having the right guidance by working with Bryce”.

Kash Shah

Investor | Amatuer Boxer

It's More Simple Than You Even Know. Your Time Is NOW.