I’ve been thinking lately about how dangerous isolation is for entrepreneurs.

It’s like a cancer that can plague all of us. A cancer that is marketed like it’s the solution to our success goals.

It’s so dangerous. So simple to avoid, but so easy to experience.

And the simplicity and ease of it plays itself out in the high suicide rates of entrepreneurs.

The challenge is that there are conflicting ideas presented to us about how to get to that lofty placed called “successful.”

Consider this angle:

President Obama said “We have to remember that we’re actually all on one team. This is an intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first, we’re not Republicans first. We’re Americans. We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.”

The message that we are all on the same team transcends politics, sports, religion or any other way that we tend to separate ourselves into teams.

And we need the reminder often.

We are so inclined to isolate ourselves that we can’t have this conversation enough; the conversation about finding an excuse to connect with each other.

You see, I’ve been seeing this misunderstood trend occur on the path to success.

Side note: That term is funny to me. “Path to success” like you ever really get there.. Anyway.

Back to my point.

The trend I’m seeing is one I’ll call the “addition by subtraction” trend.

The underlying falsehood of this trend is that supposedly our ultimate success in on the other side of removing people from our lives.

On an energetic level, I fully believe that it’s important to safeguard the energy of your life. But it’s more involved than ghosting people out of your life. It’s first about understanding EXACTLY what is slowing your energetic alignment.

And then, adjusting it.

If that means removing a relationship from your life at that point; it’s what’s best.

But when we isolate ourselves for the sake of isolation and aren’t around opposing ideas or energies, we lose the very thing we were trying to strengthen.

Our joy!

Most of the time I see this sort of preaching coming from individuals that don’t have families or children. They have limited real friendships. Even though they have the outward look figured out for life, the people that would be there for them at the drop of a hat is small to nonexistent.

That should be a tell that there is a flaw in the “addition by subtraction” rule.

My point, is that we need people in our lives. We are on the same team.

Loneliness is an effect of not feeling connection with other people. The way to overcome this isolation is to CONNECT with other people!

Stop looking for reasons to separate yourself from others and find reasons to connect with them. Find the common ground. Find the lesson you can learn. Find the value YOU CAN GIVE.

Joe Rogan has a comedy bit that points this out in a profound way.

Even though he told this as a way to make people laugh, he’s spot on.

Joe said, “No one’s honest about how much we need other people. That’s why the characters that we adore so much in the movies are the people that don’t need people.

The people who just walk away from it all, like, “Wow, what a rebel!”

But in real life, we need people so bad that the worst shit you can do to a prisoner is put them in solitary confinement.

So think about that.

You’re in a cement box filled with rapists and murderers. And the worst shit they can do is leave you alone. We are weird.”

So, let me break it down simply:

To avoid the pain of isolation, find a reason to connect with others. And then go do it.

Put yourself in a position to be around others.

Be social.

Have a laugh with a friend.

Play a team sport.

BE reminded that we are all on the same team be BEING on the same team.

It’s the way out for your isolation.

If you’re experiencing isolation, there are other things that come along with it that are just as dangerous that are quite simple to overcome. If you’d like to talk about them and how to overcome them; Schedule 30 minutes with me HERE and we can dig in.

You’re worth it.

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