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What I have found is that when you change your daily routine and habits, you will see right over the through these “obstacles” as they will fade away from your life altogether.

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Is This You Too?

The past few weeks I've realized something about myself and I am writing to see how many people are like me. When I started Rules of Success (the podcast I produced for almost 3 years) I did so from a space of "I am such a nubie in this space, I have so much to learn...

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What’s Your Fear Doing FOR You?

The heavy, 10 foot garage door was opening as the headlights of my convertible BMW M6 hit the the back wall of my garage. Sitting there on my heated, stamped concrete driveway, waiting for the garage to open enough to drive in and park and the only discernible emotion...

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Running Away Is Not The Way

Whenever I see a person that is unknowingly (or knowingly) hurting themselves, I feel sadness for them. And here is why.. Follow me for a minute. It’s a humbling moment when someone reaches out to you as a result of the feeling of hope that your message offered them....

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