This post addresses one of the injustices I see on a regular basis that people think is true, but is factually 100% NOT TRUE.

But before that, consider this..

Looking back on the last 10 years of my life, I see that there have been countless lessons and experiences that have molded me into the man I am today.

– The wins..
– The losses..
– The shifts in perspective.
– The lessons learned from action.
– The lessons learned from inaction.
– The crushing blows when all faith was lost and the clouds of doom where all around me.
– The light of hope that has come when I was given a hand up.
– The power that comes when I have someone in my corner to give me perspective and context to my own experiences.

It’s these experiences that have paved the way for my coaching career; a career that has been more rewarding and purpose-filled than anything I’ve ever done.

I will come back to that..

In this post I want to address something that has been a thorn in my side for entirely too long.
It’s one of the injustices I see on a regular basis, people thinking that this one thing is true when it’s 100% NOT TRUE.

It’s crazy; this contradictory message exists in every powerful self development book, video and message.

And even though it’s meant to empower people, it mostly confuses people and causes isolation.

It’s the message that “everything I need is within me.”

That is one of the BIGGEST LIES that plaques those that desperately want out of the hell of their own patterns.

And when you look at it, the coaching industry itself is build upon the fact that it IS A LIE.

You see, there is understanding by those that hire coaches that is not shared by those that don’t hire coaches.

That understanding is this: The HELL you experience as a result of your unmet hopes and dreams will not go away without stepping outside of yourself for help.

You can’t pray it away.
You can’t hope it away.
You can’t read it away.

The role of a coach is not some rainbows and unicorns attempt to fix a weak person.
It’s actually a courageous move to acknowledge that in spite of your best efforts, your “path to victroy” is outside of your current awareness.

The hell that you want to be free from;
The hell of missed expectations,
The hell of worry,
The hell of fear of being stuck in a lousy life,
The hell of fear of not finding the right partner, OR
The hell of being stuck in a passionless relationship..

To fix ALL OF IT it takes perspective to change that you simply don’t have on your own.
Once you surrender to this truth, THEN all of the wonderful faculties that you DO have inside you can begin to show you the way.

You will find the right information.
You will find the right guidance.
You will find the right community.

Back to my coaching career..

Yesterday I reached out to several of my former and current clients and I asked them this question,
“What problem did my coaching solve for you?”

The answers were pretty much the same.

“You showed me things I couldn’t see on my own and paved the path to clarity with the structure you provided.”

To conclude this post I will ask you a similar question..

Is your grip on the idea that you have everything you need inside of you stopping the progress you so passionately crave?

If so, I am here to give you a hand.

I invite your consider the effect the right couch might have on your life.

For a specific person, I am that right coach. You deserve to know if this could be the difference you seek.

I am opening my schedule to have conversations about this with anyone who’d like to transform their life.

If that’s you, go HERE and choose a 30 minutes slot for us to talk.

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