Are You Ready For Your LIVE Event To Grow a Heart and Make an Impact?

With his unique approach and story, Bryce Prescott elevates any

LIVE Event or Podcast.

His heartfelt and applicable message inspires even the most ardent attendees and promotes confidence and credibility for the organizers of the event.


Safeguarding For Your Best Results:

-A 3 Step formula that makes it so you CAN NOT FAIL.

Balancing Life in the Crucible of A Startup:

-How to manage the challenges of new businesses without losing yourself in the process.

Reprogramming Your Inner Critic:

-The keys required to turn that voice from your enemy into your biggest fan.

If You’re Not Writing Your Own Story, Who is?

-How to maximize the practice of daily journaling for increased results in every area of your life and business.

Starting Your Day with Purpose:

-The key ways your morning routine can be the difference between bankruptcy or millions for you AND your business.

Custom Keynote and Training Available.

What Can You Expect?

I deliver a high-impact presentation that leaves attendees/listeners raving about the value that they’ve received and how excited they are to implement the principles learned at your event/podcast.

I promote your event/show to my current social media audience and extended network.

I customize each talk/presentation/interview to your specific audience so that they receive the most value possible.

All my presentations are beautifully designed, highly engaging, and interactive; making the attendee’s experience memorable and likely to be shared. Every event attendee/podcast listener will have the option to receive free resources and downloadable content that makes the lessons & principles discussed in the event easier to implement in their lives/businesses.

In my vision, I walked into my office and sat down.

I looked around the room at the accolades on the wall, the furniture in front of me.

I looked at the timepiece on my wrist and the custom suit that draped my body.

Saw the car keys to the German car on the desk.

Then the picture became fuzzy.

The shift occurred. It was both literal and metaphorical.

I took my tie off. Removed my suit jacket.

And put on my Dodger cap.

And…  That’s it.

Odd, right?

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Where Focus Goes Where Energy Flows…

“I captivate attention, make you and laugh, and raise the bar at any event I speak. I look forward to you being the next one!”

– Bryce Prescott

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